United Methodist layman Frank Holbrook thinks some good can come from the 2020 General Conference if delegates take the opportunity to ponder questions about the nature of the UMC's life together. Read more

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Making Connections

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“Connectionalism” is an often used and seldom understood buzzword in The United Methodist Church, and its actual impact is greater than "the web of interactive relationships" described in the Book of Discipline, writes Dr. Darryl W. Stephens. Read more

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Making Connections

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Will the uniquely Methodist organizational model known as "connectionalism" be sufficient to sustain United Methodist unity in the face of staggering divisions? Read more

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Argus Mythological Monsters

United Methodism's emphasis on a hybrid process rather than a Christ-like identity lies at the root of its discord, yet also holds a key to its future as a denomination, writes Dr. Barry Bryant. Read more

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John Wesley Preaching

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A district superintendent's effort to provide more training for pastors reminds Geoffrey Kruse-Safford that the true ministry of United Methodism goes on in local churches far removed from big global debates. Read more

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The Rev. Jim Parsons recently got reacquainted with United Methodism's connectional tradition, and he thinks we ought to make more and better use of it. Read more

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Broken Phone

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With the help of other clergy, the Rev. Jeremy Smith further analyzes the circumstances leading up to the departure of Wesley Church from the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference and keep their property. Read more

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