The current Book of Discipline makes no provision for annual conferences to leave the denomination, so a split in the UMC could become complicated, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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A member of Grandview UMC likens its connection to the denomination as an anchor holding the congregation back from its chosen ministry. Read more

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The congregation of Grandview UMC in Lancaster, Pa., has voted overwhelming to leave the denomination because its members are committed to inclusive ministry that they don't see happening in the UMC anymore. Read more

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The potential for lawsuits for breaking the UMC's trust clause would be high if an annual conference or jurisdiction opts to leave the denomination, writes Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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With the Judicial Council dragging its feet on deciding the legal validity of exit provisions adopted by the 2019 General Conference, annual conferences are deferring work on "disaffiliation" procedures. Read more

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An amended request from the Council of Bishops asks the Judicial Council to review the rules for leaving The United Methodist Church adopted by the special called General Conference earlier this year. Read more

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith argues against the California-Nevada Conference's stance advising against disaffiliation and/or withholding apportionments to resist the Traditional Plan. Read more

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Choosing to disaffiliate from the UMC marks a failure of leadership, while withholding funding for church-wide ministries put lives at risk, say California-Nevada leaders. Read more

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The seven congregations have left the United Methodist denomination under the process set out in a disaffiliation plan adopted in February by the special called General Conference. Read more

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Churches that want to leave the United Methodist denomination face large payouts for clergy pensions and other church-wide financial obligations, reports Heather Hahn. Read more

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The Council of Bishops has asked the Judicial Council to rule on the "disaffiliation" plan adopted by the 2019 General Conference that would allow congregations to take their property if they leave the denomination. Read more