Duke Divinity School

Disaffiliation, proposed changes regarding sexuality and discontent among LGBTQ+ students at Duke Divinity School mark the latest happenings in the UMC struggle. Read more

Views from a Ridge

Clergy candidate Spencer Cullom, scion of generations of Methodists, struggled with the vote of the 2019 General Conference until she reached a fateful decision. Read more

General Conference 2019 3 Comments

After two years of tumult over race and gender inclusion and management style, Dr. Elaine Heath has stepped down as dean of UMC-related Duke Divinity School. Read more

Lee Statue Vandalized

UM Insight Screencap from Durham Herald-Sun

For raising the moral question about a statue of Robert E. Lee at United Methodist-related Duke University's chapel, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant gets criticism – and a death threat. Read more

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College lecture

Photo Courtesy of Morgan Guyton

As a Duke Divinity School alumnus, the Rev. Morgan Guyton probes the cultural clash surrounding a recent dispute about anti-racism training at the United Methodist-related seminary. Read more

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Duke Chapel

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Carnahan

Dr. Kevin Carnahan finds the dust-up over Duke Divinity Dean Richard B. Hays quoting the United Methodist stance against homosexual practice shows how explosive the issue has become in the UMC. Read more

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