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Faith-based resettlement programs, including those in which The United Methodist Church participates, are denouncing the proposed reduction of refugees the current administration proposes. Read more

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Sexism and patriarchy are sins in which the church has been complicit and must now repent, says the new social statement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Read more

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Voting members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's Church-wide Assembly marched to the Milwaukee office of Immigration and Customer Enforcement to protest federal immigration policies. Read more

Advocating Justice

Progressive Christian leaders look for someone to succeed Rachel Held Evans as the voice and vision of 21st century believers. Read more

Practicing Faith

Even though more world conflicts are rooted in religious misunderstandings, religion scholars find themselves increasingly threatened when they attempt to speak publicly. Read more

In the World

United Methodists and other Protestant denominations have repudiated past atrocities against Native Americans, and are experimenting with how to honor and respect them in the present. Read more

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Four in 10 adult Americans cite personal or practical reasons for not attending religious services regularly, according to data released by the Pew Research Center Aug. 1. Read more

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Sutherland Springs shooting

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Ideas for church security run a gamut of responses, but all approaches recommend having emergency plans and people who watch out for circumstances and strangers. Read more

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