Eugene Peterson

Some churches are welcoming homeless people living in cars; a scholar looks at "The Message" in a new light; and richer, better-educated people more likely to shop for churches. Read more

In the World

Eugene Peterson

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Why would anyone ask questions and express doubts—in a church—if a Christian is likely to tell them they are wrong for questioning or doubting? Who wants that? No sane person. And certainly not Jesus, either, writes Chris Fann. Read more


Jesus vs. Pharisees

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Jesus' followers are finding themselves called to face scorn and derision from even their own churches, friends and family as church breakups have yet to yield new ties, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

Views from a Ridge 1 Comments

The popular Bible paraphrase, "The Message," gives a translation of Psalm 7:9-10 that sets the Rev. Laura Felleman to pondering the original meaning, in Greek, of the text. Read more

Practicing Faith

Youth worker Kevin Alton explains why he thinks it's not a good idea for pastors to use Eugene Peterson's paraphrase, "The Message," as their scriptural authority. Read more

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