Forgive yourself now as you forgave yourself for your past, and you will live into your future, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more

Practicing Faith

Council of Bishops President Ken Carter invites United Methodists to deeper contemplation of the practice of forgiveness in church life. Read more

Practicing Faith

Failing at one's Lenten practice offers us a way to experience God's forgiveness, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more

Practicing Faith

Prodigal Homecoming

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What if the Church could be a safe place for honesty about our shortcomings and vulnerability to admit mistakes and seek reconciliation? asks Dr. David W. Scott. Read more


Grammar expert Virginia Parrish looks at the meaning behind the ways that Jesus speaks of forgiveness. Read more

Practicing Faith

It's not enough to confess our sins and be forgiven, writes the Rev. Taylor Mertins. Like King David, we must also seek to be reconciled with those we've wronged. Read more

Practicing Faith

Self-forgiveness is essential not only to our personal spiritual health, but to the spiritual health of our communities, writes the Rev. Irvin J. Boudreaux. Read more

Practicing Faith

Forgive, Judge, See

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Building on his prior essay about contempt, the Rev. Jason Valendy suggests some techniques to take "the fires of hell" out of our polarized exchanges. Read more


Wrong Way

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Christian churches ought to be places where the world's win-lose systems don't hold sway, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

Jeremy Smith

When we confront repeat offenders, Christians must look to Jesus's model of unilateral, limitless forgiveness -- by way of author Anne Lamott's colorful imagery, writes the Rev. Tim McClendon. Read more

Practicing Faith

Railway Man

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United Methodist Billy Cox finds the movie "The Railway Man" to be an apt reminder of how essential letting go of hatred is to one's soul. Read more

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The downfall of NBC anchor Brian Williams over a lie about his Iraq reporting leads the Rev. Christy Thomas to ponder what we really think about forgiveness. Read more

Christy Thomas


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In a ruined load of laundry, the Rev. Deborah Coble Wise finds a parable for the number-one spiritual ailment of the 21st century -- people's inability to let go of their guilt over past sins. Read more

May 4, 2014 7:02 PM Deborah Coble Wise