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In Frank Holbrook's view, both so-called Traditionalists and Centrists have won Pyrrhic victories in the human sexuality war of the past 50 years. Now the focus has shifted to managing the membership decline and maintaining church assets. Read more

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United Methodist layman Frank Holbrook thinks some good can come from the 2020 General Conference if delegates take the opportunity to ponder questions about the nature of the UMC's life together. Read more

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United Methodist layman Frank Holbrook offers his vision for what will happen if the United Methodist Church splits, or worse, splinters. Read more

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Retired attorney Frank Holbrook takes a close look at the "fine print" in the Wesleyan Covenant Association's endorsement of the Indianapolis Plan for "amicable separation" of The United Methodist Church. Read more

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In this excerpt from a longer post, GC2020 delegate Frank Holbrook analyzes why the practices such as linkage and leverage could spell doom for all the future plans coming before General Conference. Read more

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Memphis Conference delegate Frank Holbrook has fun making "word clouds" from some of the "futuring" plans headed for General Conference 2020. Read more


Memphis Conference GC2020 delegate Frank Holbrook looks at the benefits and disadvantages of the UMC future plan presented by UM Forward. Read more

UMC Future

GC2020 lay delegate Frank Holbrook from Memphis Conference tries to find a starting point on the UMC's impasse. Read more

UMC Future

Commentators around the UMC are looking into the various plans for the denomination's future, while the Western Jurisdiction means business about its "Safe Harbor" project. Read more

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