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The letter’s authors pointed out that a policy of eliminating refugee admissions conflicted with the administration’s pledge to aid persecuted religious minorities, whose cause was championed last month at a State Department conclave. Read more

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Against horrific headlines about the plight of immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, United Methodists are bringing help and hope to refugees and asylum seekers, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

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Top agency executives and bishops are urging United Methodists to assist immigrants with supplies, advocacy and spiritual support, while the World Methodist Council has pledged to work internationally to help migrants. Read more

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The realities of global migration are an ever-present reality for the Rio Texas Annual Conference, which has substantially increased its ministries to migrants in cooperation with other faith-based and government agencies in South Texas. Read more

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“Populist nationalism” manipulates people’s fears and insecurities about negative impacts of migration on their families, communities and cultural identities to benefit political self-interests and gain electoral advantage, said the consultants. Read more

Directors of the General Board of Church and Society met for the first time outside the United States, encounter immigrants' experiences and learning of Germany's reconciliation after years of division. Read more

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Beqaa Valley Camp

Photo Courtesy of Wes Magruder

The Rev. Dr. Wes Magruder describes what life is like for refugees living in makeshift housing in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley. Read more

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Immigration Airport Demonstrations

Photo by Erik Alsgaard, Baltimore-Washington Conference

The United Methodist Church is expanding its efforts at all levels worldwide to assist many of the 65.3 million people who have been involuntarily displaced from their homes, especially the 21 million classified as refugees by the United Nations. Read more

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Scott Pelley Robin Hynicka

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The CBS news program profiled the Philadelphia congregation that has been sheltering a Mexican husband and father since last November. Read more

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In his concluding article on "Wonder, Love and Praise," the proposed United Methodist document on the nature of the church, the Rev. Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj argues for a "hybrid theology" that takes in all massive faith and culture shifts. Read more

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Christian Alsted

Photo by Karl Anders Ellingsen, UMNS

Bishop Christian Alsted, re-elected for a four-year term, urged United Methodists in Europe and around the world to remember their call to help the marginalized, such as refugees, and to maintain global connections despite disputes. Read more


Photo ID 537316. 07/12/2012. Mafraq, Jordan. UN Photo/Mark Garten.

Dr. Glory E. Dharmaraj, retired director of mission theology for United Methodist Women, examines what is happening to Christianity through both migrants and those who remain behind in home countries. Read more

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Bible with Cross Shadow

“Bible with Cross Shadow,” David Campbell, Flickr C.C.

In response to Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj, Dr. William Payne asserts that even with today's seismic social changes posing gigantic physical needs, authentic Christian mission must incorporate telling the good news of Jesus Christ. Read more

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African Immigration

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Our changed world demands that we change the way we conduct Christian mission work, writes the Rev. Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj. Read more

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Syrian Girl

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United Methodist Bishop Rosemarie Wenner of Germany urges people to see migrants into Europe as people who bring gifts and skills, not as problems to be solved. Read more

Migrants Budapest

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While rejected and blocked in Hungary, refugees who make it to Germany United are helped by United Methodists who are working with others to offer services so that the newcomers feel welcome. Read more

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African Immigration

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Noting the recent wave of migration from Africa to Europe, scholar David N. Field calls United Methodists to consider how to accept immigrants as siblings in the family of Christ. Read more

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Global migration is having a far bigger impact on the worldwide United Methodist Church than some might expect, and David W. Scott offers resources to understand the phenomenon better. Read more

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