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The Rev. Amy Valdez Barker looks to Wesleyan/Methodist expressions beyond United Methodism for ways to be in relationship without requiring control. Read more

UMC Future


Requiring all parts of the global United Methodist Church to have the same structure contributes significantly toward economic inequality in the worldwide denomination, contends Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

A Way Forward

World Methodist Council Denominations

Map by David W. Scott

Methodist/Wesleyan churches organize themselves in many ways, and many stem from British and American influences, but others are independent, says Dr. David W. Scott in his analysis of World Methodist Council members. Read more

Global Nature

The three options for the UMC's future being considered by United Methodist bishops could yield 55 different proposals, says Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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Making Connections

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Will the uniquely Methodist organizational model known as "connectionalism" be sufficient to sustain United Methodist unity in the face of staggering divisions? Read more

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The Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas thinks the UMC owes an apology to the LGBTQ people its anti-gay policies have harmed over the past 45 years. Otherwise, she says we're "writing off the next generation of Jesus followers." Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott takes a closer look at how united African United Methodism may be. Read more

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David W. Scott explores the deeper aspects of how relationships and networks can promote unity in The United Methodist Church. Read more

Global Nature

David W. Scott continues his series on United Methodist unity with a look at how to achieve unity without requiring uniformity. Read more

Global Nature

Can the way we organize ourselves as United Methodists help provide the unity we're seeking? asks David W. Scott. Read more

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Dr. David N. Field, a European-based scholar who serves on the Commission on A Way Forward, looks at the faith importance of staying unified despite opposing theological positions. Read more

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Small Groups Way Forward

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The United Methodist Church is wasting money and people power much needed elsewhere on the far-flung meetings of the Commission on A Way Forward, says the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant Read more

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Nordic Theory Cover

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Inspired by a recent book, Dr. David W. Scott imagines how United Methodist mission giving might reduce dependency if it were reshaped along the lines of the "Nordic theory of love." Read more

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CT Small Group

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Danish United Methodist pastor, the Rev. Ole Birch, finds that despite its global intentions, the UMC remains a U.S.-centric denomination. Read more

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Advocacy isn't just an ecclesiastical ideal, it's a missional imperative in today's world, writes the Rev. Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj. Read more

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A dive into the history of Methodism's founder brings the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant to a conclusion: we really don't know what it means to be Methodist today, and we'd better figure it out. Read more

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Filipino Farmers

Photo courtesy of Gladys P. Mangiduyos, UMNS

The world needs Christ's followers to be more humane and responsive to the cries of the vulnerable and less dogmatic to our own vision of mission, writes the Rev. Dr. Jacob Dharmaraj. Read more

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First UMC

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Dr. Joon-Sik Park of Methodist Theological School in Ohio finds deficiencies of Wesleyan identity and mission similar to others' critiques of "Wonder, Love and Praise." Read more

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In a modern parable with a satiric bite, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant imagines the current state of United Methodism as a kind of Pentecost. Read more

John Wesley Oval

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John Wesley's method of reading the Bible – what Methodism's founder called "searching the Scripture – includes more than just reading, writes Dr. Barry Bryant. Read more

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