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In the aftermath of UMC Next, Mark Holland of Mainstream UMC is inviting United Methodists to help define the terms used for one's stance on LGBTQ inclusion. Read more

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You would think if a magazine intended to print an article attacking you and your ideas, the editor might let you know. That didn’t happen with a Good News article about him, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. Read more

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Race and Ethnicity


A recent hit piece Good News had on racial analysis reveals a lot about how data is twisted to promote self-serving narratives. Read more

Jeremy Smith

Two Clocks


Are we playing dirty or abiding in prayer in this interim time, while we await the results of the Commission on a Way Forward? asks the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

Jeremy Smith

Water Fenton

Photo Courtesy of Walter Fenton

The Rev. Walter Fenton, an analyst for Good News magazine, explains why he thinks the stances of unofficial United Methodist reform and renewal groups are being misrepresented across the denomination. Read more


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Longtime evangelical activist Dr. Riley B. Case recounts the founding of the Good News movement on its 50th anniversary. Read more

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Gay Bishop Wonka

Photo Courtesy of Morgan Guyton

The Rev. Morgan Guyton examines the logic of arguments by the conservative Good News caucus that the election of openly lesbian Bishop Karen Oliveto damages local church's abilities to do ministry. Read more

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