good vs. evil

The Rev. Jason Valendy plumbs one of the deepest theological questions: why doesn't God just get rid of the demonic force in the world? Read more

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Last Vegas shooting

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As we continue to delve into the Las Vegas massacre, let's not blind ourselves to the brutal reality of the human condition: until God redeems the world, evil will work its wickedness, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more


Ocracoke Steeple

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Girl Reads Bible

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What would have happened if the story of Adam and the serpent had a different ending? What if Adam had said a solid “no” to evil? The Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas responds to a child's questions about Christian faith. Read more

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Grotesque Reader

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We ignore our capacity for evil at our peril, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more


Satan Dore'

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In a follow-up to his earlier column, the Rev. Jason Valendy describes the work of evil in the world and contrasts it with the work of God done by humans and God's Work, done by the Divine alone. Read more

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Woman Holding Head

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Evil is often disguised in a subtle call to comfort, to security, to safety. It will involve only the smallest of compromises, writes the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas. Read more

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Slaughters in Sudan

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When confronted with evil such as the Orlando gay nightclub shooting, our response should be such radical generosity as to confuse and bewilder the evil-doer, writes the Rev. Mike Slaughter. Read more

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Good or Bad Person

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After San Bernardino, Savannah, Charleston, Colorado Springs and so on, the Rev. Christy Thomas takes an absurdist view on how to deal with ongoing gun violence in America. Read more

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The Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt thinks there's no such thing as "the wrong side of history," and here's why. Read more

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The Church really needs to come up with a better answer to the question of why there is so much evil in a world that God meant for good, writes the Rev. Christy Thomas. Read more

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Radical Jesus 101: Is Humanity Good or Evil?

The Rev. Morgan Guyton ponders the question that won't go away: are human beings inherently good or tainted with original sin? Read more

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