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Courtesy of Jeremy Smith

The Rev. Jeremy Smith traces the history of conservative forces in The United Methodist Church that have led to the creation of the schismatic Wesleyan Covenant Association. Read more

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The Rev. Dr. Mark R. Holland of Mainstream UMC explores past actions of traditionalist/conservative forces in the church that he believes led to evidence of voter fraud at the 2019 special General Conference. Read more

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General Conference 2020 representation by U.S. traditonalist delegates has dropped by 20 percent in recent elections, according to Good News vice president Thomas Lambrecht. Read more

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The Rev. Dr. Rebekah Miles responds to recent comments by the Rev. Tom Lambrecht of Good News and other conservatives over moderates' rejection of the so-called Traditional Plan. Read more

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Traditionalist groups requested a meeting with the bishops, which took place in private after previously being announced as a public gathering. Read more

Finance and Administration 3 Comments

A long, emotional day of General Conference, with telling though not final votes, left those wanting fuller inclusion of LGBTQ people in The United Methodist Church admitting discouragement, writes Sam Hodges of United Methodist News Service. Read more


The Rev. Jeremy Smith has recovered evidence of a long-term strategy on the part of Good News to either capture or dissolve The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Vice president of Good News and a member of the Wesleyan Covenant Association leadership council, Lambrecht gives his perspectives into the Traditional Plan and Modified Traditional Plans. Read more

A Way Forward 7 Comments

United Methodist bishops in Africa issued a statement Sept. 24 saying they won't back breaking up the church, leading observers elsewhere to wonder what influence their statement would have on the 2019 General Conference. Read more

A Way Forward

The Rev. David Livingston refutes the arguments of the Rev. Thomas Lambrecht of Good News as to who or what makes a Christian. Read more

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Advocates for maintaining church policies on homosexuality are championing their own version of the Traditional Plan while another advocate, offers a plan to dissolve the UMC and create new denominations. Read more

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The Rev. Kalaba Sander-Chali calls out the Africa Initiative as a contemporary example of neo-colonialism. Read more

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A new book authored by leaders of United Methodist traditionalist caucuses draws criticism from the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. Read more

Perspectives 14 Comments

Longtime LGBTQ advocate Dr. Randall Miller counsels United Methodists to be alert to activities by traditionalist forces in the preparations for the 2019 General Conference. Read more

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Layman Pete Fleming was drawn to The United Methodist Church because of its history, theology, and practices, and now he fears it will be destroyed by right-wing political forces. Read more

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Those who claim they are the only ones to solve United Methodism's crisis over sexuality are in reality the same actors who caused the crisis, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Tom Lambrecht

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Bishop Elaine Stanovsky of the Greater Northwest Area responds to the Rev. Tom Lambrecht of Good News regarding his allegations in a recent blog post. Read more

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Three statements in the past week have disclosed the schismatic intentions of so-called "reform and renewal" groups in The United Methodist Church, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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UMW Speak

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Yes, I make mistakes, and I try to correct them and keep going. Read more

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Meredith Schlachter

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Our Book of Discipline is a collection of resolutions and affirmations intended to guide our life together as a denomination, but it is not The Truth as some would have us believe, writes the Rev. Dr. William C. Trench. Read more