Greater New Jersey Annual Conference

By an overwhelming majority, Greater New Jersey Conference adopts proposal allowing local congregations to decide how to include LGBTQ people in ministry and mission in opposition to increased restrictions going into effect Jan. 1. Read more

UMC Future

Ohio Wesleyan University

Brad Ward

Another Ohio university declares resistance to heightened LGBTQ restrictions; a "unity" meeting gets criticism; and a New Jersey ad hoc coalition deplores and rejects GC2019 actions. Read more

General Conference 2019 2 Comments

The two conferences in the Northeastern Jurisdiction held special called sessions with varied results. Read more

General Conference 2019 1 Comments

Rev. Jisun Kwak's ministry had been under a cloud for two and a half years because of charges that misinterpreted her actions as a pastor and district superintendent. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Sandy Anniversary 1

UMNS file photo by Mike DuBose

Five years after Superstorm Sandy roared up the east coast, United Methodists leaders in recovery efforts gave thanks for rebuilding efforts — but also expressed concern for the work that remains to be done. Read more

Global Health

Beth Caulfield &

Photo Courtesy of Beth Caulfield

The Rev. Beth Caulfield writes that the Church needs to tackle the toughest thing about racism -- retraining our hearts. Read more

Advocating Justice 1 Comments

Elephant in the Room

Courtesy of Via Media Methodists from the New Yorker

The Rev. Evan Rohrs-Dodge finds encouragement for The United Methodist Church's discussion on homosexuality through events at this year's Greater New Jersey Annual Conference. Read more

Advocating Justice 1 Comments

A proposal from the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference to hand out communion at train stations has the Rev. Drew McIntyre countering with ideas that don't violate United Methodist doctrines. Read more

Perspectives 3 Comments