A biblical scholar analyzes the theologies behind the holiness code of the Jews and the new understandings of Gentile Christians who were taught that God forgives sins through the grace of Jesus Christ. Read more

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When we conflate holiness with completeness and purity we are off the mark, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. A holy life is not a pure life but a life driven by love. Read more


Forced to make a judgment of another Christian, "Jedi Pastor" the Rev. Ken Hagler looks back on his family's recent tragic experience as a frame for determining that humility is a spiritual trait most need today. Read more

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Unlike Christ

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When we claim to be "better than" any other faith -- or fellow adherents of our own faith -- we undermine everything that the Bible tells we are to be and do as followers of Jesus Christ, writes the Rev. Dan R. Dick. Read more

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His son's struggles with distraction, concentration and schoolwork prompt the Rev. Morgan Guyton to ponder how Christians might respond to people struggling with mental illness. Read more

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John Wesley's blend of personal and social holiness gave Brandon Wrencher a new path that blended well with his "Bapticostal" family traditions. Read more



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Far from being a concept unique to Methodism, Craig L. Adams traces the elements of John Wesley's idea of "going on to perfection" in other Christian thought. Read more

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