Holy Spirit

Mainline denominations don't know what to do about God's Holy Spirit, but Charles Wesley did. Read more


Jerusalem Council

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Enthusiasm reported from Christian conferences with vastly different perspectives leads the Rev. Morgan Guyton to counsel "testing the spirits" that occur during meetings of the Commission on A Way Forward. Read more

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The Rev. Morgan Guyton has been invited to explain Christian spirituality to a group with no Christian affiliation. Here's what he plans to say. Read more

Practicing Faith


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Methodism has been crowdsourcing theology, social justice, accountability, and listening to the Holy Spirit since before it was cool, but we're in danger of losing our people's authority, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Different Christmas

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In response to what he believes to be the Holy Spirit's prompting, the Rev. Mike Slaughter reaches out to the head of United Methodism's global missions agency with an idea to aid refugees. Read more

This Is It Sign

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God's Holy Spirit may be trying to tell us some things we can only hear if we learn how to pay attention, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more

Practicing Faith


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What If ...? A Vision of Annual Conference

The Rev. Ben Gosden asserts that God's Holy Spirit is always present at Annual Conference; we just don't always recognize its Presence. Read more

May 14, 2013 6:24 AM Ben Gosden


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Anti-Afflatus, or Welcoming the Holy Spirit

Christians can benefit from embracing their "trans-rational" experiences of the Holy Spirit rather trying to explain them away, writes the Rev. Dan R. Dick Read more

Mar 14, 2013 6:05 PM Dan R. Dick

Committee Vote

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Microcosmic Odyssey

Dan Dick discovers the Holy Spirit wafting through personal encounters -- if not on the plenary floor -- during the third day of the 2012 General Conference in Tampa, Fla. Read more

Apr 26, 2012 4:47 PM Dan R. Dick

Ghostbusters 2

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Taking a cue from the spirit-filled movie, "Ghostbusters II," the Rev. Jerry Eckert ponders where the United Methodist system allows for the guidance of God's Holy Spirit. Read more

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