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Advent would have us learn something new regarding time, writes the Rev. Bill Cotton. Instead of "chronos" or linear time, Advent offers us "kairos" or a time of learning. Read more

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Do American Christians lack hope because they've not built up their characters through suffering? wonders the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more

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Scripture says love is the greatest of three virtues, but Rev. Bill Cotton finds that hope is just as indispensable. Read more

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Like many people, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant shares frustration with God over life's many challenges, until he reads again the words of Psalm 72. Read more

Advent prepares us for Christmas through a truly revolutionary message, writes the Rev. F. Richard Garland. Read more

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Optimism relies on data, but Christians have a hope that transcends mere facts, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more

Practicing Faith

In the face of life's fear-producing hurricanes, there is hope, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. Read more


Michigan Bishop David A. Bard recalls the Apostle Paul's words about God's treasure stored in clay jars to encourage United Methodists not to fear the denomination's future. Read more


In the midst of trying times, the Rev. Melissa Hinnen finds hope and encouragement in her ordination. Read more

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How your emotions affect you depends on which emotion you give more attention and energy, writes the Rev. Jack Shitama. Read more

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The message at the heart of Easter is to celebrate life, writes the Rev. F. Richard Garland. Read more

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The Rev. Andy Bryan brings a poetic perspective to the start of Advent. Read more

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Recognizing the pain that many feel at the U.S. presidential election must be accompanied by assurances of faith and hope to help heal congregations and the nation, says the Rev. Junius B. Dotson, Discipleship Ministries' top executive. Read more

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Transform with Love

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Despite the recent history of disappointing General Conferences, Geoffrey Kruse-Safford still has hope that God's spirit of love will break through institutional politics. Read more

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Rebuilding Community

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United Methodist Bishop Warner H. Brown Jr., president of the Council of Bishops, talks about how to rebuild community in both church and society after recent outbreaks of violence. Read more


Why do Christians continue to wrestle with some of the world's worst people and situations when such ministry causes pain and anguish? The Rev. Jeremy Smith has an answer. Read more

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Living with the challenges of chronic illness, poverty and loneliness, writer Kelly Gregory still engages in the active Christian practice of hope. Read more


  • Despair Or Hope Computer Keys Showing Hopeful or Hopeless

    Despair Or Hope Computer Keys Showing Hopeful or Hopeless

    Despair Or Hope Computer Keys Shows Hopeful or Hopeless

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    Despair Or Hope Directions On A Metal Signpost