Indianapolis Plan

United Methodists of all theological and church political persuasions are making their stances known as the time to General Conference 2020 counts down, writes Heather Hahn. Read more

2020 General Conference 2 Comments

The Rev. David Livingston finds his United Methodist colleagues in Africa are wary of the provisions of the Indianapolis Plan, which they fear will cut them off from historic United Methodist support. Read more

UMC Future

The Rev. Darren Cushman Wood, one of the 12 original drafters of the Indianapolis Plan, examines the perspectives behind his group's proposal for the UMC's future. Read more

UMC Future 1 Comments

The Uniting Methodists organization thinks it's crucial for The United Methodist Church to remain intact for the sake of mission and ministry. Read more

UMC Future 2 Comments

The Wesleyan Covenant Association's endorsement of the Indianapolis Plan gets "Star Wars" scrutiny from the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

UMC Future 8 Comments

Retired attorney Frank Holbrook takes a close look at the "fine print" in the Wesleyan Covenant Association's endorsement of the Indianapolis Plan for "amicable separation" of The United Methodist Church. Read more

UMC Future 3 Comments

The Indianapolis Plan needs work, but it's the best of the UMC future proposals put forth thus far, writes the Rev. Ben Gosden. Read more

UMC Future 2 Comments

The Rev. Dr. Stan Copeland asks who the Indianapolis Plan truly represents and examines its various claims for United Methodism's future. Read more

UMC Future 6 Comments

The Rev. Jeremy Smith fears that current efforts to devise a plan for United Methodism's future will fall prey to the danger of the "perfect" becoming the obstacle to achieving good. Read more

Jeremy Smith 17 Comments

A Dallas reader takes issue with the continued support for the One Church concept now that a practical approach for separation has emerged. Read more

Perspectives 9 Comments

The Rev. Sky McCracken points out that the Indianapolis Plan operates on an assumption that local congregations are of one mind on LGBTQ acceptance. They aren't, and many won't want to vote lest they threaten church unity. Read more

Perspectives 12 Comments