I'm Sorry, Manchester

Wikimedia Commons, CC2 License

The Rev. Richard Lowell Harris reflects on the state of world in light of the recent attacks in western Europe and elsewhere. Read more


Brussels Suspects

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For Christians, responding to the evil represented in the March 22 attacks on Brussels is far more complex and nuanced than many believe, writes the Rev. Tim McClendon. Read more

Practicing Faith

U.S. Supreme Court

Photo by Clayton Childers, General Board of Church and Society.

The U.S. Supreme Court's 5 to 4 ruling that legalized marriage for gay and lesbian couples topped 26 major stories including growing anti-Muslim sentiments, terrorist attacks and mass shootings. Read more

In the World

Le Carillion Memorial

Photo by John Seigenthaler, Aljazeera America, from Great Plains UMC

Bishop Scott Jones of the Great Plains Area outlines some important cultural issues in the global war on terrorism -- and they're not what you might expect. Read more


Americans' anxiety over terrorism and views that Islam is incompatible with American values were rising even before the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris, according to an American Values Survey conducted by Public Religion Research Institute. Read more

Lebanon Refugees

Photo by Paul Jeffrey for ACT Alliance

The United Methodist Committee on Relief has pledged continued support for refugees in the Middle East, especially Christians from Syria and Iraq that are under particular threat. Read more

Global Health

The World Council of Churches condemns the execution of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya by ISIS militants. Read more

In the Church

Sniper and Target

Photo Courtesy of John Partridge

Whether we go to war thinking we're sent by God or we want revenge for the death of innocents, the Rev. John Partridge reminds us that God weeps at the horror. Read more


Human beings are prone to being ugly in any conflict, as the latest events in the Middle East have shown, writes the Rev. Billy J. Cox. Read more