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Three faith-based groups that assist with refugee resettlement, including one supported by The United Methodist Church, are suing the federal government over a ruling giving state and local governments power to block resettlement. Read more

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Sociologist Wade Clark Roof elevated his discipline by being able to see the lived experience beyond the numbers, recalled his colleagues. Read more


A group of concerned clergy, led by Episcopalian Bishop Marion Budde, demonstrated outside the Senate majority leader's office to push for action on control of gun violence. Read more

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The letter’s authors pointed out that a policy of eliminating refugee admissions conflicted with the administration’s pledge to aid persecuted religious minorities, whose cause was championed last month at a State Department conclave. Read more

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Church World Service, a United Methodist partner, and other faith-based refugee agencies fear the Trump Administration will close U.S. borders to refugees fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries. Read more

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In its eighth annual session, the Wild Goose Festival continues its tradition of spiritual exploration and cross-over, but with a more political edge this year, writes Jack Jenkins. Read more

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As popular Christian author Rachel Held Evans continues in a medically induced coma, her friends and fans contribute to a fund to defray her medical expenses. Read more

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(RNS) — Nathan Philips, a Native American man seen in a viral video of an encounter with a group of Kentucky Catholic school students, says he wants to meet with them and church officials to discuss the incident and turn it into a “teachable moment.” Read more

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Some 400 participants, most of them people of faith, protested U. S. immigration policies at the U. S.-Mexico border near San Diego, Calif., where thousands of people seeking asylum have gathered. Read more

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Jeff Sessions stepped down Nov. 7 as U.S. attorney general, ending a tenure marked by near-constant pushback from faith communities that opposed his policies and his attempts to defend them with Scripture. Read more

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Rev. Will Green, a United Methodist pastor, and the Rev. Darrell Hamilton, a Baptist pastor, confronted Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a speech about religious liberty. Read more

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The battle over the removal of the tax break for a clergy housing allowance is now in the hands of the federal court. Read more

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Women of many religions demonstrated on Capitol Hill Sept. 27 in protest against and for the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Read more

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Hundreds of religious women across a spectrum of faiths are urging the U.S. Senate to conduct a deeper investigation into the background of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court. Read more

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White supremacists' planned rally in Washington hosted far more anti-racist Methodists, Baptists and other religious demonstrators than white supremacists, reports Jack Jenkins of Religion News Service. Read more

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Bishops and church legal experts express dismay and confusion over the rationale behind dismissing church charges against U. S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a United Methodist layman. Read more

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Outraged by changes in immigration policies and the separation of immigrant children from their families, America's Catholic bishops look at responses ranging from public protests all the way to excommunication. Read more

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Although sparsely attended, the revival and its speakers emphasized faith-based activism in opposition to the views expressed by evangelicals such as Liberty University's president Jerry Falwell Jr. Read more