Jim Patterson

The Bible is the supreme arbiter of right and wrong when it comes to marriage and every other issue, states a 53-page first draft of a guidebook for a potential new denomination spun out of The United Methodist Church. Read more

UMC Future 4 Comments

The church agency that administers United Methodist pension funds and benefits programs is making progress toward improving the effects of church investments on the environment, but some believe changes are coming too slowly. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change 2 Comments

The seven congregations have left the United Methodist denomination under the process set out in a disaffiliation plan adopted in February by the special called General Conference. Read more

Local Church 17 Comments

The Rev. Lea Matthews sees her ordination as a deacon in the New York Annual Conference fraught with "complexity and complications," writes Jim Patterson of United Methodist News Service. Read more

UMC Future

Annual conferences throughout worldwide United Methodism will consider resolutions on sexuality, environmental stewardship and the future of the denomination. Read more

Finance and Administration 1 Comments

Leaders of most United Methodist seminaries in the U.S. that train clergy for the denomination are stressing their inclusive policies after the special General Conference affirmed the church’s LGBTQ bans. Read more

Ordained Ministry

United Methodists in the midwestern United States are helping their fellow townspeople cope with the effects of widespread flooding. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

Former United Methodists who are LGBTQ say they've been so hurt by the church's policies regarding people of sexual minorities that they can't stay any longer. Read more

A Way Forward 3 Comments

Former United Methodists who are LGBTQ and the parent of a gay son tell what caused them finally to leave the UMC. Read more

A Way Forward 1 Comments

Proponents of the Traditional and Modified Traditional Plans say the versions are intended to assure accountability to United Methodist discipline and Christian doctrine. Read more

A Way Forward 1 Comments

The Connectional Conferences plan would require the most structural changes of any of the Way Forward proposals. Read more

A Way Forward

Supporters of the One Church option, which is backed by the Council of Bishops, say they think it offers the best alternative for keeping the UMC together. Read more

A Way Forward

Supporters of A Simple Plan say it's the only one that follows one of The United Methodist Church's General Rules: "Do no harm." Read more

A Way Forward

United Methodists around the country are providing meals, prayers and other aid to furloughed government workers, while in Washington, D. C., faith leaders called for an end to the federal shutdown. Read more

Advocating Justice

Stances on the church unity proposals coming to the special 2019 General Conference are firming up, and little agreement is seen. Read more

A Way Forward 4 Comments

Stoneman Douglas Demonstration

Kathy L. Gilbert Photo by Kathy L. Gilbert, UMNS

United Methodist churches are working hard to provide adequate security without sacrificing the radical hospitality that is a core value of Christianity. Read more

Local Church

Pittsburgh Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi urges United Methodists to tend first to those harmed emotionally by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, and then to work toward reducing violence. Read more

Global Health