John Wesley

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John Wesley's "Practical Physick" may contain questionable remedies, but it's right about the ways that a "sick soul" can influence physical health, as the Wesley Bros find out. Read more


The impending publication of his book of cartoons prompts the Rev. Charlie Baber to have the Wesley Bros reflect on John's publication of "Primitive Physick," a health-care book. Read more


Our "shadow selves" can mislead us into thinking our activity will lead us on to perfection, when in reality we are already beloved by God through Christ, writes the Rev. Charlie Baber. Read more

Practicing Faith

The Wesley Bros' road trip isn't just about the burgers, but about a lifetime of growing more into the mind of Christ, says the Rev. Charlie Baber. Read more


John Wesley wisely created his Methodist movement on a foundation of zeal for God's mission of love, writes the Rev. John Fanestil. Read more

Perspectives 1 Comments

John Wesley loves communion, while his brother Charles urges him to "get with the times" on everyday meals. Read more


When is it OK to doubt, and could doubt be a part of faith after all? Charles Wesley and George Whitefield tackle the questions with help(?) from Charlie's cat, Grimalkin. Read more

Practicing Faith

John Wesley Bust

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The Rev. Bill Cotton finds himself acting more like his father, who was a "do-no-harm" Methodist. Read more

Ordained Ministry 1 Comments

John Wesley goes up against Saint Augustine in a battle over the doctrine of original sin. Read more