LGBTQ discrimination

Bishop Kenneth H. Carter, president of the Council of Bishops, thinks the church should put a moratorium on clergy trials over LGBTQ+ issues until the 2020 General Conference. Read more

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Labor reformer Frances Perkins, a devout Christian, would object to a proposed Labor Department regulation that would erode workers' protections under the guise of protecting employers' faith-based discrimination. Read more

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Bill Mefford, an initiator of the alumni and students' letter to Asbury Theological Seminary, offers suggestions to help the institution apologize and repent of the harm it has caused LGBTQ people. Read more

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LGBTQ allies staged their demonstration so as not to disrupt annual conference proceedings. Read more

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LGBTQ Acceptance

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Longtime United Methodist leader Tracy Merrick of Western Pennsylvania disputes Rev. Keith Boyette's assertion that the Wesleyan Covenant Association welcomes LGBTQ people Read more

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Public Religion Research Institute finds that strong majorities within all religious groups, including white evangelicals and Jehovah’s Witnesses, show sustained support for LGBT nondiscrimination policies. Read more

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Former United Methodists who are LGBTQ and the parent of a gay son tell what caused them finally to leave the UMC. Read more

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A PBS documentary on the self-immolation of Rev. Charles R. Moore has profound lessons for United Methodists about their own church history, writes the Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell. Read more


As it struggles on through its inner turmoil over human sexuality, the Rev. Rich Peck finds The United Methodist Church is guilty of sins of omission and commission in regard to the rest of its call to ministry as followers of Jesus Christ. Read more

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Julie and Vanessa

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LGBTQ United Methodists and their allies say the "Embrace Love" anti-racism campaign initiated after white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Va., sends a hypocritical message because the UMC rejects LGBTQ sexuality. Read more

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