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What would happen in our lives if we all gave up anger for Lent? What would happen at General Conference 2020 if delegates and observers gave up anger in their deliberations? Read more

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The most difficult part of change is the feeling that events or circumstances are out of one's control, writes the Rev. Mark Conrad of Desert Southwest Conference. Read more

How would our lives change if, like Mary and Joseph, we waited for God's guidance without any expectations? asks the Rev. Mark Conrad. Read more


Do we live our lives according to our schedules, or do we look for ways to plug into God's timing for our service and witness? asks the Rev. Mark Conrad. Read more

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The Rev. Mark Conrad finds that one of the UMC's foundational issues is trust being broken. I’m hearing many issues mentioned, with trust rarely being one of them. It might already be too late for our trust to be re-built. Read more

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The Rev. Mark Conrad confesses his preference for a controversial stance led him to an action that proved his love for his wife of 34 years. Read more

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The Resurrection turned a symbol of Roman oppression into a sign of hope for Christians, writes the Rev. Mark Conrad. Read more

Practicing Faith

With his hobby of making butterfly ornaments from soda cans, the Rev. Mark Conrad finds a parallel to the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery. Read more

Practicing Faith

Bath School Disaster

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Recalling a disaster from his family's history brought the Rev. Mark Conrad to the conclusion that we as a nation must talk about the epidemic of violence and seek solutions. Read more

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