The Rev. Christy Thomas writes that she sympathizes with church-departing millennials, who "having grown up in a multicultural and gender-fluid world, are leaving the church: they see it as a hateful and ignorant place." Read more

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Religion News Service columnist Jana Reiss examines the complexities behind millennials leaving organized religion. Read more


Millennials Socialize

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Rise in religiously unaffiliated points to a series problem for the UMC's future, writes Dr. Philip Wingeier-Rayo for UM & Global. Read more

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In Defense of Millennials

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Christian leaders can forge better relationships with young adults of the Millennial generation once they understand the spiritual values that guide them, says the Rev. Jack Shitama. Read more

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The Rev. Beth Caulfield of Greater New Jersey Annual Conference explores why it's a mistake to set up small groups just for people of the Millennial generation. Read more

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Struggling to reach college students through campus ministry, the Rev. Morgan Guyton comes to some new faith understandings. Read more

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Weary of "the worship wars," the Rev. Mark A. Miller responds to Jonathan Aigner's preference for traditional liturgy with a defense of contemporary worship. Read more

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Old Gary Methodist Church

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Heads up, Churches: Millennials have left because they're fed up with entertainment-style worship, writes Jonathan Aigner, and they want authentic Christian experience. Read more

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Millennial African-Americans are poised to become United Methodist leaders, provided those who lived out the fellowship and formation of the racially segregated Central Jurisdiction mentor and educate them, writes Pastor Ron Bell Jr. Read more


Also known as the 'bridge generation," Generation X gets overlooked too often in the church's age-related ministries, and that's an injustice them and us, writes the Rev. Jim Parsons. Read more


Pacific-Northwest communicator Patrick Scriven explains in parable fashion why the Millennial generation has little or no interest in taking over their parents' church. Read more

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Me-Centered Universe

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The human predilection for making ourselves the center of the universe is manifesting today in extremely individualistic "religions," and the church must take notice, writes the Rev. Christy Thomas. Read more

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Why Millennials Don't Want to Be United Methodist Pastors

From his ministry with young people of the Millennial generation, the Rev. Morgan Guyton finds another reason for their disaffection: American society is really not working right now, and the church doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Read more

Aug 2, 2013 9:02 AM Morgan Guyton