Ministry Study

The report from the latest incarnation of the perpetual UMC Ministry Study Committee prompts Rev. Chris Ritter to propose some simpler solutions to what has become a bewildering maze of ministerial options. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Bishop Grant Hagiya 2012

UMNS Photo by Paul Jeffrey

The final report of the Ministry Study Commission, now headed to the 2016 General Conference, says that ordination of elders and deacons should go faster, and that licensed local pastors should have more rigorous training. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Green notes

GBHEM Photo by Tita Parham

In response to findings from the 2008-2012 ministry study, annual conferences are now helping candidates through the ordination process with group mentoring. Read more

In the Church

Pastor Tracey's Story

John Meunier shares the heart-breaking story of a licensed local pastor whose successful ministry was shot down by a short-sighted congregation and a hardhearted United Methodist system. Read more

Apr 2, 2012 12:31 PM John Meunier

Super Clergy

United Methodist Insight Illustration

The Church Systems Study provides the most accurate and highly disturbing portrait of The United Methodist Church, and gives sensible recommendations for how to relieve unhealthy stress on clergy. Read more


Williams Choi Gearhart

United Methodist News Service Photo by Mike DuBose

A commission to study United Methodist ministry has recommended doing away with the practice of guaranteeing an annual appointment for clergy. Read more

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Diana Butler Bass

Robert Cummings Photo

Religion historian Diana Butler Bass' latest findings on the state of American religion hold both challenge and hope for The United Methodist Church. Read more

GC Archive

The latest work from Diana Butler Bass provides a better framework for deciding The United Methodist Church's future than anything the denomination has produced thus far. Read more

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Political Realities

United Methodist News Service Photo by Mike DuBose

Some short takes on the political realities of 2012 United Methodist General Conference. Read more

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United Methodist deacons in the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference write to General Conference delegates asking them to vote down proposed changes in their status. Read more

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Martha and Mary

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The biblical story of Martha and Mary holds insights for The United Methodist Church when seen through the lens of contemporary scholarship on how to lead change effectively. Read more

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Dan R. Dick analyzes the perils of settling for imperfect plans for The United Methodist Church's future. Read more

Jan 25, 2012 9:48 AM Dan R. Dick

Call to Action Structure

Graphic Courtesy of MFSA

Delegates and communicators pose hard questions that got indistinct answers from Call to Action proponents during the Pre-General Conference Briefing in Tampa Jan 19-21. Read more

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John Wesley Preaching

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Dan R. Dick provides an in-depth analysis of the 2009-2012 United Methodist ministry study scheduled to come before the 2012 General Conference. Read more

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