The medieval European system of fostering children gives insight into the cultural contexts of Christian missionaries, says Dr. David W. Scott. Read more

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Continuing her journey up the Amazon River, the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas ponders how past missionary efforts and current civilizations are affecting the natural world. Read more

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Missionary John Chau's controversial killing by people on an island prohibited from outside contact convinces the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant that traditional mission theology should be abandoned. Read more

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However we may think and feel about Christian mission, we mustn't lose sight of the fact that the mission belongs to God, not us, writes Dr. David W. Scott Read more


Dr. David W. Scott begins a new series from UM & Global, "My Hope for Methodism." Read more

Global Nature

DRC Children

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In a video recommended by the blog UM & Global, United Methodist missionaries Donna and Jonathan Baker tell their experiences with the differences in how Americans and Congolese interact with their children Read more

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Voting fraud

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Day 10 is filled with committee reports, votes and political maneuvering as the 2016 General Conference pushes toward its legislative conclusion. Read more

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God Box

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The General Board of Global Ministries announces it will leave the "God Box" in New York City within two years to relocate its headquarters to Atlanta, Ga. Read more

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W. Harrison Daniel looks at what it means to have a global mission through the effectiveness of missionaries in the latest installment of essays on the United Methodist mission theology document, "Grace Upon Grace." Read more


With 40 percent of the new class of United Methodist missionaries coming from outside the United States, Professor David W. Scott ponders what "missionary" means in the globalized 21st century. Read more


The Rev. Dr. John H. Southwick of the General Board of Global Ministries compares statistics from the Towers Watson study used with the Call to Action's Vital Congregations program with a wider survey from Faith Communities Today. Read more

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