Our Movement Forward

Participants in the UMC Next and Our Movement Forward summits find commonalities amid their differences, including hope for a more inclusive United Methodist Church. Read more

UMC Future

The Rev. Tyler Schwaller compares the liberation of Our Movement Forward to the inclusion of UMC Next. Read more

UMC Future 3 Comments

Bishop Elaine Stanovsky says she believes the two conferences held between May 17 and 22 are shaping the future of a new Methodism, but there are still many questions to be answered. Read more

UMC Future 2 Comments

Full text of the "Loved and Liberated" proclamation from the Our Movement Forward summit. Read more

UMC Future

Dr. David W. Scott outlines how difficult it would be to divide the institution of The United Methodist Church. Read more

Global Nature 7 Comments

Participants at Our Movement Forward who are also attending the UM-Next gathering prepared a document outlining their definitions of harm, grace and accountability for church meetings. Read more

Perspectives 4 Comments

Our Movement Forward emphasized the voices of LGBTQ persons and people of color, drawing many participants who are ready to create a new form of Methodism Read more

In the Church 2 Comments