Secular communications' work on Muslims, immigration and other religious issues marked this year's entries. Read more

In the World

Dallas Rainbow

Photo by David Worthington. Courtesy of Eric Folkerth

The example of demonstrators at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, who stood up for people detained because of President Trump's travel ban, should inspire us all to defend Muslims, writes the Rev. Eric Folkerth. Read more


Edmonds UMC Audience

Edmonds UMC Photo

A Muslim, an immigrant, a lesbian and community leaders shared how they faced welcome and prejudice in American society today, and what United Methodists can do to care for their vulnerable neighbors. Read more

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Northaven Interfaith

Photo Courtesy of Eric Folkerth

Progressive Christians in southern California plan to pray with Muslims on Inauguration Day in resistance to President-elect Donald Trump's announced plans to register Muslim Americans and ban Muslim immigration. Read more

Advocating Justice 3 Comments

United Methodist congregations are notably absent from lists of resources for Americans who are being harassed for their race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality or other factors, so Insight wants to find out more, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

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Bishop Yohanna

Church & Society Photo

Nigerian United Methodists promote interfaith understanding with help from the General Board of Church and Society. Read more

Global Nature

U.S. Supreme Court

Photo by Clayton Childers, General Board of Church and Society.

The U.S. Supreme Court's 5 to 4 ruling that legalized marriage for gay and lesbian couples topped 26 major stories including growing anti-Muslim sentiments, terrorist attacks and mass shootings. Read more

In the World

The Rev. Jeremy Smith of Hacking Christianity endorses a plea sent through the Reconciling Ministries Network for United Methodist bishops to take a public stand, collectively, against the violence and hatred aimed at American Muslims. Read more

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Muslims praying

By Antonio Melina/AgĂȘncia Brasil [CC BY 3.0 br (], via Wikimedia Commons

Three concepts -- struggle over one's own idolatry, commitment to common good, and fairer economic practices -- are Muslim ideals that the Rev. Morgan Guyton finds resemble rarely used Christian practices. Read more


Taking his cue from public pressure on Muslims to disavow the violent acts of Islamist extremists, the Rev. Jim Buklo apologizes for all the atrocities committed in the name of Christianity down through the past 2,000 years. Read more


Donald Trump

Photo Courtesy of Richard L. Brooks

Much as he disagrees with presidential candidate Donald Trump's stances on Muslims and refugees, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant won't join in public efforts to condemn the candidate. Read more


Bishop Dyck Refugees

Photo by Tricia Bruckbauer, United Methodist Board of Church and Society.

The United Methodist Church officially has condemned prejudice against Muslims and Arabs since 1988. Read more

Practicing Faith

Violence Problem

Photo Courtesy of Bishop's Blog, Philadelphia Area

Responding to incidents of violence around the world, Bishop Peggy A. Johnson of the Philadelphia Area challenges Christians to pursue the way of peace despite the temptations to respond with force. Read more


Missions scholar Taylor Walters Denyer, now living in Algieria with her family, reaches out to her Muslim friends. Read more


The Rev. Wes Magruder calls Christians to focus on their own faithfulness to Jesus' command to welcome strangers in their relationships with Muslims. Read more


WFAA Interfaith

Screen Capture from WFAA-Channel 8

Encountering online hatred for an article about friendship toward Muslims leads Cynthia B. Astle to an apocalyptic revelation. Read more

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Northaven Interfaith

Photo Courtesy of Eric Folkerth

Led by a Muslim woman and a United Methodist clergyman, more than 400 believers gathered Jan. 25 to show support for their Muslim neighbors and to stand against extremism and Islamophobia. Read more

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