North Texas Annual Conference

A United Methodist pastor who's running for election to the Texas Legislature decides to use his campaign contributions to foster child literacy in local schools. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Racism is sinful; its roots are in the brokenness of humanity, says North Texas Bishop Mike McKee, who has unveiled a plan to combat racism in his region of The United Methodist Church. Read more

Advocating Justice

U.S. annual conferences are looking toward the denomination's future in varied ways, including electing younger, more progressive delegates to General Conference. Read more

UMC Future

The Rev. Eric Folketh provides context – and some challenging questions – to actions taken by members of the 2019 session of the North Texas Annual Conference. Read more

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The Rev. Jane Graner has traveled "40 years in the wilderness" to June 3 ordination as a United Methodist elder in full connection. Read more

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An interfaith team from North Texas brought joy and hope to youths at a U.S. immigration detention camp near El Paso. Read more

Practicing Faith

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Two complaints against two North Texas clergy have been resolved by the United Methodist "just resolution" process, which seeks to restore relationships rather than punish. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Ky. Health Kits

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Despite fears and conflicts, United Methodists gathered at 2017 annual conference sessions to celebrate their ministries and plan for the future. Read more

In the Church

Bishop Michael McKee of the North Texas Annual Conference has issued a statement to clergy and lay members regarding fair process, the procedures provided for complaint resolution in the Book of Discipline. Read more

Finance and Administration

UPDATE: Read firsthand accounts. A clergywoman's complaint about how her allegations of sexual harassment were handled by the North Texas Conference revealed what her supporters saw as a lack of justice and leaders saw as protecting "fair process." Read more

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In advance of an international observance for survivors of suicide loss, a United Methodist mother speaks out about overcoming the stigma of factors that contribute to suicide. Read more

Global Health

Delivering bottled water to the beleaguered Sandbranch neighborhood in Dallas County, Texas, United Methodist volunteers are shocked at the extreme poverty they find in the long-neglected community lacking residential services. Read more

The Institute for Religion & Democracy reaches an out-of-court settlement with the North Texas Annual Conference over a mailing list it purchased from the now-defunct UMR Communications. Read more

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United Methodist annual conferences and individual leaders are pushing back against recent schismatic and extremist messages, while in some quarters strong stands are taken for and against acceptance of LGBT rights. Read more

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The North Texas Annual Conference passes a resolution asking the Institute on Religion and Democracy to cease using a 160,000-name mailing list it purchased from the now-defunct UMR Communications Inc. Read more


A small group of leaders in the North Texas Annual Conference is seeking to rebuild trust following the personnel process that resulted in Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe's involuntary retirement Read more

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Bledsoe in Liberia

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The agency charged with monitoring racial matters in The United Methodist Church is expressing concern prompted by the situation involving Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe, an African-American bishop who says he is being pressured to retire. Read more

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