North Texas Conference

Ten churches in Dallas have been vandalized in the past few weeks, including two United Methodist congregations, one of them hit twice. Read more

Local Church

Beqaa Valley Camp

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The Rev. Dr. Wes Magruder describes what life is like for refugees living in makeshift housing in Lebanon's Beqaa Valley. Read more

Advocating Justice

The Rev. Andy Lewis, North Texas director of missional outreach, tells of a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border with the Courts and Ports program of civilian monitoring for immigration operations. Read more

Advocating Justice

Bobblehead John Wesley

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Schismatic forces across the United Methodist connection have had the opposite effect from what they desired, judging by actions at this week's annual conference sessions, writes Joel L. Watts. Read more

Restructure talk

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The day after Dallas Area Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe announced he would "fight like the devil" to keep his episcopal office, pundits and prayers filled online blogs, Facebook, Twitter and email. Read more

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Bishop Earl Bledsoe

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Freshman Bishop W. Earl Bledsoe throws the North Texas Annual Conference into turmoil by alleging that racism played a role in a negative personnel evaluation that forced him to announce early retirement. Read more

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