One Church Model

Dr. David W. Scott of UM & Global offers four interpretations of the meaning of the African bishops' statement affirming traditional marriage and resisting UMC schism. more

A Way Forward

Some 60 percent of delegates to the Global Young People's Convocation in July 2018 favored the One Church plan for United Methodist unity. more

A Way Forward

UM & Global blogmaster David W. Scott recommends readings on the Africa Initiative meeting that advocated the Traditional model of the Way Forward report. more

A Way Forward

Rev. Scott Gilliland, associate pastor of Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, reflects on the comments of a millennial who spoke at the Uniting Methodists' Conference in July. more

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Compliance is not what the love of God is about. The Love of God is all about conversion. That is what disciple making is about – converting hearts to return to God in Christ, which is what the Rev. Jason Valendy thinks the One Church Plan will do. more

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MARCHA proponents of the One-Church model say they think it offers the best option for United Methodists to co-exist peaceably despite their divisions over homosexuality. more

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Only GC

John C. Goodwin

The Rev. Tim McClendon disputes reports about the nature and intentions of a private meeting of delegates on the "One Church" model from the Commission on A Way Forward's report to the 2019 General Conference. more

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Retired Bishop William B. Lewis explains how the idea of "local option" on human sexuality actually conforms to United Methodist law, which reserves to annual conferences and local congregations certain responsibilities in ministry. more

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Some U.S. annual conferences have endorsed the One Church Plan for United Methodist unity, while others have refused to take up formal consideration of the model. more

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LGBTQ Demonstrators

Photo by Paul Jeffrey, UMNS

The Rev. Gilbert Vieira opposes the "One Church" unity model because he thinks The United Methodist Church should be more "forthright and principled" about its support for LGBTQ people. more

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The Rev. Jason Valendy believes that the One Church Model for UMC unity proposed by the Council of Bishops will help the denomination keep its historic understanding as both holy and catholic (universal). more

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Uniting Methodists has announced its support for the One Church model presented by the Commission on A Way Forward and encourages other church members to back the idea as well. more

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