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Harking back a few years, the Wesley Bros look at the idea that all Christians are ministers with varying roles and responsibilities. Read more


Anna Guillozet

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Despite efforts to recruit young adults into ordained ministry, the cadre of United Methodist pastors continues to age. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Anne Burkholder

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United Methodist clergywomen from around the world gathered Aug. 29-31 in Houston, Texas, to celebrate decades of ordained ministry and to discuss challenges still facing women of the cloth, writes Sam Hodges of UMNS. Read more

Ordained Ministry


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A young clergy friend's frustration with ordained ministry prompts the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt, a seminary professor, to identify six crucial issues about clergy formation today. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott reflects on how a former model of theological education may provide a template for the changing needs of Christian ministry in the 21st century. Read more

Ordained Ministry

The report from the latest incarnation of the perpetual UMC Ministry Study Committee prompts Rev. Chris Ritter to propose some simpler solutions to what has become a bewildering maze of ministerial options. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Bishop Grant Hagiya 2012

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The final report of the Ministry Study Commission, now headed to the 2016 General Conference, says that ordination of elders and deacons should go faster, and that licensed local pastors should have more rigorous training. Read more

Ordained Ministry