Pacific Northwest Annual Conference

U.S. annual conferences are looking toward the denomination's future in varied ways, including electing younger, more progressive delegates to General Conference. Read more

UMC Future

Pacific-Northwest camping ministries pledges full inclusion of all people at its campus and in its activities. Read more

General Conference 2019

The Rev. Jeremy Smith unpacks the real details of the most recent announcement regarding a court case on a breakaway United Methodist congregation in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference. Read more

Jeremy Smith

The terrible news of attacks in Syria prompt Pacific Northwest Conference communicator Patrick Scriven to examine the United Methodist Church's stances on war and peace. Read more


Bothell UMC Student Walkout

UM Insight Screencap

After plans for an on-site rally fell through, the staff of Bothell United Methodist Church came out to support students of Bothell High School as they joined the nationwide walkout against gun violence. Read more

Advocating Justice

As more conferences meet the challenge to invest fully in our national and international United Methodist witness, what accounts for the regional differences that remain? asks Patrick Scriven of Pacific Northwest Conference. Read more

Finance and Administration

Discipleship Justice

Pacific Northwest Conference Photo

Whatever social justice issue we're supporting, the gospel requires our first identity and loyalty to be as Christians, writes pastor Nico Romeijn-Stout. Read more




A small suburban Washington Church reveals secret efforts to exacerbate tensions in United Methodism, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Harvey Pews

Photo by Christopher Mardorf / FEMA

Victims of Hurricane Harvey still await cleanup and rebuilding as the supply of able-bodied volunteers begins to diminish, writes Jim Truitt of Pacific Northwest Annual Conference. Read more

Global Health

Montana Burning Video

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The devastation wrought by wildfires in the western United States over the past few years – along with United Methodists' efforts to cope with the effects – pose a long-term disaster recovery challenge for the region as great as hurricanes elsewhere. Read more

Local Church

Ky. Health Kits

Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

Despite fears and conflicts, United Methodists gathered at 2017 annual conference sessions to celebrate their ministries and plan for the future. Read more

In the Church

Elizabeth Schindler

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The installation of Bishop Elaine Stanovsky moves the Rev. Elizabeth Schindler to ponder the spiritual weight of ordained ministry, and the great strides may since women have been accepted into the clergy. Read more

Ordained Ministry


Photo Courtesy of the Pacific Northwest Conference Board of Ordained Ministry

The boards of ordained ministry in two U.S. annual conferences have reaffirmed their decisions not to consider the sexuality of clergy candidates despite a Judicial Council ruling to follow Book of Discipline requirements. Read more

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Edmonds UMC Audience

Edmonds UMC Photo

A Muslim, an immigrant, a lesbian and community leaders shared how they faced welcome and prejudice in American society today, and what United Methodists can do to care for their vulnerable neighbors. Read more

Advocating Justice 2 Comments

Kheira B. wanted to get resources to people in need without subjecting them to derision, so she took her idea to her pastor and leaders at Puyallup United Methodist Church. Read more


UMCom Poll Wordle

UMCom Illustration

United Methodist annual conferences and individual leaders are pushing back against recent schismatic and extremist messages, while in some quarters strong stands are taken for and against acceptance of LGBT rights. Read more

In the Church 1 Comments

The Rev. Jen Stuart finds that her personal integrity compels her to leave the Southwest Texas Annual Conference to seek full ordination and conference membership. Read more

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Dana & Megan

Photo Courtesy of Channels, Pacific Northwest Blog

Pacific Northwest Conference lay member Dana Lede gives a compelling reflection on how to practice grace in the midst of vigorous debate. Read more