Palm Sunday

Her Lenten reflections have led Cynthia B. Astle to develop a clearer understanding of what following Jesus Christ means today. Read more

Views from a Ridge

Imagine what we’ve missed about Palm Sunday by focusing on one instance of one day, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. What else is happening that we’ve failed to see? Read more

Ordained Ministry 2 Comments

Rev. Bill Cotton offers three suggestions for those who will preach the Christian story on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Read more

Ordained Ministry

Look beyond the Palm Sunday parade to what God calls us to be and do, writes the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant. Read more



Illustration Courtesy of Richard L. Bryant

Instead of ignoring the more troubling aspects attributed to God, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant would prefer to deal with them directly to get a complete picture of the divine personality. Read more

Practicing Faith

Palm Sunday isn't only the day of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, writes the Rev. Mike Slaughter. It's the day when the Kingdom of God boldly confronts imperial Rome and religious authorities, with dire consequences. Read more