Paul Ryan

Columnist Jeffrey Salkin writes that the "sin" that got Rev. Patrick J. Conroy fired as congressional chaplain was exercising the prophetic role of religion — speaking truth to power. Read more


Paul Ryan

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With people of faith – including United Methodists and his own Catholic Church – pressing for a "clean DREAM Act," House Speaker Paul Ryan faces a moral challenge over protection for undocumented adults brought to the USA as children. Read more


The Rev. Christy Thomas lays out the basics of how health insurance works, and then offers some concrete suggestions for how churches can help America become a healthier place. Read more

Christy Thomas

Poverty Simulation

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Noted progressive Christian author the Rev. Jim Burklo examines how to reduce and end poverty in America from a surprising spiritual perspective – a recent speech by Tea Party Republican Paul Ryan on reforming federal programs. Read more


People of Faith for Health Care

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Why I'm Not Offended by So-Called Socialism

The Rev. Morgan Guyton uses biblical theology to refute the current notion that the free market approach to politics is inherently Christian. Read more

Jul 6, 2012 10:40 AM Morgan Guyton 2 Comments