In a sharply divided America, Christians can serve as Christ's ministers of reconciliation by striving to practice peacemaking, says the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper. Read more


Building on his previous posts, Dr. David W. Scott proposes that American Christians ought to shift their mission strategy to "How can we support African-led initiatives to minister in solidarity with those who suffer?" Read more

Global Nature

The terrible news of attacks in Syria prompt Pacific Northwest Conference communicator Patrick Scriven to examine the United Methodist Church's stances on war and peace. Read more


Peace is already a part of our God-given character, but we must do the hard spiritual work of removing things that get in its way, writes the Rev. Neil Leftwich. Read more

Views from a Ridge

Kenya Lovell


Collegiate ministers and students traveled to Belfast, Ireland, to observe how Northern Irish peacemakers work to resolve conflicts between Catholics and Protestants. Read more

Advocating Justice

DR Congo Peacemaking

File photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Newly installed Bishop Mande Muyombo, formerly on staff with Global Ministries, wants to bring United Methodist resources even more to making peace between warring ethnic factions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more

Global Health

Olav and Francis

WCC Photo.

As conflicts continue to convulse many societies, religious leaders gathered around the International Day of Prayer for Peace to discuss how to bring peace in the world. Read more

Advocating Justice

The death of Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel prompts Cynthia B. Astle to examine the parallels between the evil that Wiesel documented and what is happening in The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Unity dolls

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The Rev. Tim McClendon ponders how delegates to the 2016 General Conference can make decisions that will foster unity and keep The United Methodist Church from splitting apart. Read more

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Brussels Suspects

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For Christians, responding to the evil represented in the March 22 attacks on Brussels is far more complex and nuanced than many believe, writes the Rev. Tim McClendon. Read more

Practicing Faith

Considered the Presbyterian "poet laureate," Ann Weems' poetry was also loved by many United Methodists. Read more

In the Church

The Rev. Billy J. Cox encourages Christians to remain committed to a vision of hope amid the recent series of events. Read more


Railway Man

Lionsgate Photo

United Methodist Billy Cox finds the movie "The Railway Man" to be an apt reminder of how essential letting go of hatred is to one's soul. Read more

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Time Magazine

Illustration Courtesy of Dan R. Dick

After several encounters with rude and selfish people, the Rev. Dan R. Dick ponders the difficulty of showing civility and Christian love in today's "me-only" society. Read more

Perspectives Archive


Photo by Diane Degnan, United Methodist Communications

At a time when conflict flares in regions around the world, the International Association of Methodist Schools, Colleges and Universities urges education as a tool for peacemaking. Read more

Global Nature

Church Bell

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Bombshells and Church Bells

The Rev. Jim Burklo urges creative approaches to fostering interest in peace and reconciliation rather than violence. Read more

Apr 26, 2013 7:21 PM Jim Burklo