Reconciliation Statue

Wikimedia Commons Photo by Martinvl

Facing the great divides in church and society, the Rev. Jack Shitama offers three techniques for getting across the chasms with less discomfort and more grace. Read more

Practicing Faith

"Affinity" was the goal of the Church Growth Movement, but the Rev. Dr. William D. Gibson thinks the time has come for United Methodists to break down today's polarized walls by developing better intercultural competence. Read more


The Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant thinks there is a growing malignant sense of self-entitled vengeance leaving many Americans unanchored to any larger sense of morality or virtue. Read more


Illustration by Philip Martin

This election hasn't been solely about presidential candidates, but about the polarized nature of American society, and what needs to happen to heal it, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more