Progressive Methodism

The Rev. Dr. Sarah J. Rohret outlines a four-point framework for Progressive Methodism. Read more

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Two Clocks


Are we playing dirty or abiding in prayer in this interim time, while we await the results of the Commission on a Way Forward? asks the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Exile from Methodism may be ahead for progressives – but just 10 minutes into a progressive-free zone of Methodism, a surprise is in store, speculates the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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As American culture embraces marriage equality, conservative activists in The United Methodist Church are pushing out the perceived source of all things bad: Progressive Methodists, asserts the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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The Rev. Chris Ritte gives an update on his group's proposals to keep the denomination unified while allowing for differences on human sexuality. Read more

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Questioning Duo

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The Rev. Richard Bryant outlines a progressive view of faith that some conservative Christians find problemmatic. Read more

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William Tyndale

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Scholar Joel L. Watts makes a case for trusting more in the Holy Spirit to guide the church and less in the extremes that seek to control it. Read more


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'I'm Going to Make Stuff Up and Say That's Why the UMC Is in So Much Trouble'

United Methodist layman Geoffrey Kruse-Safford critiques the recent assertion of the Rev. Drew B. McIntyre that Progressive Christianity is the cause of The United Methodist Church's decline. Read more

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In a response to Jeremy Smith's characterization of his website as conservative , the Rev. Evan Rohrs-Dodge makes a case for conversation that includes people with a variety of theological perspectives about The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Nuke the Fridge

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Taking an image from popular culture, the Rev. Drew B. McIntyre criticizes Progressive Christianity's authenticity when it professes beliefs that reject the faith's central tenets. Read more

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The gloves come off at the Rev. Jeremy Smith vigorously critiques how conservatives fail to assess, and progressives fail to defend, progressive theology and practice. Read more

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