True gospel preaching lifts up the authentic reality that Jesus saves us from our sins, both individual and systemic, both oppressed and oppressor, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more

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Mob of Villagers

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Today we need more prophets willing to critique themselves and their own tribe rather than others, if we are to hear a word from the Lord, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more



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"Prophetic" is a highly misunderstood and misused term among Christians, especially in these fractious times, writes the Rev. Drew B. McIntyre. Read more


The Rev. Laura Felleman finds a call to prophetic ministry in a religion lecture that proved to be anything but prophetic. Read more



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University of Texas professor Robert Jensen analyzes the prophetic, apocalyptic implications of the collapse of journalism in the face of human response to life-threatening global crises. Read more

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