Rachel Held Evans

The two-year-old conference welcomes doubters of all kinds, stressed participation by people of color, and mourned its co-founder, author Rachel Held Evans, who died in May. Read more

Local Church

Speakers used quotes from Rachel Held Evans' own writings to remember her during her June 1 funeral at First Centenary UMC in Chattanooga, Tenn. Read more

Practicing Faith

Progressive Christian leaders look for someone to succeed Rachel Held Evans as the voice and vision of 21st century believers. Read more

Practicing Faith

Bible with Cross Shadow

“Bible with Cross Shadow,” David Campbell, Flickr C.C.

Beset by objections to an earlier column, the Rev. Morgan Guyton explains the crucial differences between democratized theology and a "theology of the demos," or mob. Read more

Perspectives 4 Comments

Popular Christian author Rachel Held Evans, who died May 4 at age 37, gave voice and hope to millions of young evangelicals disenchanted with church, but not with their Christian faith, writes the Rev. Jim Burklo. Read more

Perspectives 1 Comments

The Rev. Morgan Guyton recalls the significant impact of noted Christian author Rachel Held Evans, who died May 4 at age 37 after a short illness. Read more


As popular Christian author Rachel Held Evans continues in a medically induced coma, her friends and fans contribute to a fund to defray her medical expenses. Read more

Global Health

The bigotry that pushed an 8-year-old tomboy out of school and deprived thousands of impoverished children of financial support should make all Christians ashamed, writes Cynthia B. Astle. Read more

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Sin and the Christian Life: A Response to Rachel Held Evans

While he applauds much of what she says, Professor Kevin Watson disputes the view of popular evangelical blogger Rachel Held Evans that sin is inevitable for Christians despite salvation. Read more

Aug 16, 2013 5:11 PM Kevin Watson 2 Comments