radical hospitality

As a campus minister, the Rev. Morgan Guyton finds the recent hardline defense of "intellectual rigor" in academia at odds with Jesus' teachings about hospitality from the Beatitudes. Read more

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First Impression

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A chance encounter with a super-friendly server in a local deli gives the Rev. Laurie Haller some insights in what makes a congregation genuinely welcoming to visitors. Read more

Local Church

Crazy Christian

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Many Christians have a hard time discussing their faith with others, so the Rev. Richard L. Bryant offers four suggestions for getting past that barrier. Read more

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Smithville FUMC

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A visit to a United Methodist congregation in a small Texas town brings the Rev. Morgan Guyton face to face with genuine "radical hospitality." Read more

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Looking back over a hectic two years in his current appointment, the Rev. Jim Parsons discovers that a seemingly small effort to update his church's nursery symbolizes big changes in hospitality. Read more

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Farm road

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What if The United Methodist Church gave up trying to control its membership growth through programs, and modeled its outreach on the story in Luke of Jesus sending 70 messengers to Samaria? asks the Rev. BethAnn Estock. Read more



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Homophily Abounds

Buckle up, folks: the Rev. Dan Dick takes some tough shots at our tendency to associate only with people like us when it comes to church life. Read more

Oct 5, 2012 12:20 PM Dan R. Dick

Here's a welcome notice from a Catholic faith community that's getting lots of notice around cyberspace. Can your church make this claim to radical hospitality? Read more

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