In a sharply divided America, Christians can serve as Christ's ministers of reconciliation by striving to practice peacemaking, says the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper. Read more


It's not enough to confess our sins and be forgiven, writes the Rev. Taylor Mertins. Like King David, we must also seek to be reconciled with those we've wronged. Read more

Practicing Faith

Directors of the General Board of Church and Society met for the first time outside the United States, encounter immigrants' experiences and learning of Germany's reconciliation after years of division. Read more

Advocating Justice

Reconciliation Memorial

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A concept from his Maungwe heritage – "unhu" – encompasses the human dignity, respect, self-control and community relationships that the Rev. Dr. Lloyd Nyarota believes is the only "way forward" for The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Out of the communal culture of his native Zimbabwe, the Rev. Lloyd T. Nyarota sees the difficult work of reconciliation as the "way forward" for The United Methodist Church. Read more

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Bee and Beck

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Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck actually talk to one another about creating "crazy times," writes the Rev. Jason Valendy, who recommends we look to how Jesus dealt with end times fears in Mark 13. Read more

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Interfaith Movement

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Holman UMC in Los Angeles will be the site of a public witness for civility and an end to racism on Holy Thursday as Californians prepare for the arrival of the presidential campaign and an expected wave of negativity. Read more

Advocating Justice


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Both Christian teaching and Wesleyan tradition should compel United Methodists to defy polarizing labels and seek reconciliation, writes the Rev. Drew B. McIntyre. Read more

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The downfall of NBC anchor Brian Williams over a lie about his Iraq reporting leads the Rev. Christy Thomas to ponder what we really think about forgiveness. Read more

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A Beatles' song and plenty of common wisdom pose a critical question about how to live our lives with compassion, writes the Rev. Andy Bryan. Read more


Jim Crow Laws

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The Rev. Jeremy Smith examines the connection between past racial discrimination and The United Methodist Church's current institutional sexism against LGBT people. Read more

Advocating Justice

Church Conflict

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Fire and Division #LukeActs2014

Working his way through Luke-Acts, the Rev. John Meunier faces twin realities: That Jesus doesn't shy away from conflict, even as he teaches that reconciliation is the better course in all confrontations. Read more

Mar 26, 2014 1:59 PM John Meunier

'We Saw Someone Casting Out Demons...'

The Rev. Morgan Guyton examines how people of faith on similar paths seeking God can come to such different interpretations -- and what to do about it. Read more

Feb 5, 2013 3:57 PM Morgan Guyton