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Mike DuBose Mike DuBose, UM News

Bishop David Alan Bard of Michigan and Bishop Scott J. Jones of Texas think they've come up with a plan that would preserve connectional ministries but allow more freedom of theology and practice. Read more

UMC Future 21 Comments

A long, emotional day of General Conference, with telling though not final votes, left those wanting fuller inclusion of LGBTQ people in The United Methodist Church admitting discouragement, writes Sam Hodges of United Methodist News Service. Read more


Alaska’s most powerful earthquake since 1964 prompted an Anchorage United Methodist church to become a temporary shelter for a population in great need. Read more

Disasters and Climate Change

On the wave of the #MeToo movement and the accusations of sexual misconduct against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, United Methodists learn how to "do no harm" when it comes to handling sexual ethics complaints. Read more

Finance and Administration

Conversations taking place around The United Methodist Church indicate there are lots more decisions to come on the conference and local levels, say church leaders. Read more

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