A Christian fundamentalist's order for a woman religious leader to "go home" and a prestigious company's sexist instructions to women partners provokes the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas to incisive response. Read more

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The General Commission on Religion and Race releases the fourth entry in the Vital Conversations series of video studies for local congregations. Read more

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Hundreds of religious women across a spectrum of faiths are urging the U.S. Senate to conduct a deeper investigation into the background of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court. Read more

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The Global Young People's Convocation held a legislative session to prepare proposals on migration, nationalism, sexism and rejection of the practice of child marriage to send to the United Methodist General Conference 2020. Read more

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Paternalism, disguised as “godly male leadership” is another term for “male supremacy” and is no different from white supremacy. Both are distasteful in the eyes of God, asserts the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas Read more

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An incoming clergywoman questions The United Methodist Church about what her future might hold in light of the rejection of two amendments on women's equality. Read more

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An anti-diversity memo from a dissident Google employee reveals much about how the Church operates as well, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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The Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell, a veteran of the Civil Rights era, finds that the United Methodist Church's anti-LGBT stances reflect similar historic prejudices against women and people of color. Read more

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A chance home encounter with a friend's teen-aged children leads the Rev. Christy Thomas to an unexpected time of grace-filled worship. Read more

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