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On behalf of other abused women, the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas chooses now to disclose how she was raped by her date at age 19. Read more


A recent poll showed that a majority of white evangelical Christian respondents believed that verified sexual assault shouldn't disqualify someone from public office – a disturbing finding, writes the Rev. Jeremy Smith. Read more

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Religion scholar Simran Jeet Singh, a Sikh, finds patriarchy permeates both society and religion because men like him have failed to realize its existence. Read more

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Women's advocate and Christian Jules Woodson recounts her own experience of sexual assault in church to describe what it's like when someone is attacked and then not believed. Read more


So what does the Bible have to do with putting sexual predators in office? Everything, says the Rev. Dr. Christy Thomas, because biblical teachings have perpetuated an unjust system in which only men have power. Read more