social holiness

When we conflate holiness with completeness and purity we are off the mark, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. A holy life is not a pure life but a life driven by love. Read more


Social Change

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After a month marked by death, loss, cries for social justice, and outrage at the death of both citizens and law enforcement officers, the Rev. Frederick W. Schmidt wonders how the gospel message of personal AND social holiness got divided. Read more

Practicing Faith

Poor Invited to the Feast

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The Rev. William C. Trench asserts that a longtime truth deserves re-telling: If only churches would practice the compassion they preach, the pews would be full. Read more

Practicing Faith

As the nation looks toward reducing its incarceration rate – the largest in the world – Dr. Benjamin L. Hartley examines The United Methodist Church's history with those imprisoned. Read more

Advocating Justice

Insight Overview

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United Methodist Insight's success, far beyond original expectations, prompts changes to improve the forum for its readers' benefit. Read more

Views from a Ridge

Fire breathing

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Inspired by another blogger, the Rev. Jeremy Smith counsels we can make our world better by concentrating on what emotions we breathe out. Read more

Jeremy Smith

John Wesley's blend of personal and social holiness gave Brandon Wrencher a new path that blended well with his "Bapticostal" family traditions. Read more


The Rev. Wes Magruder calls Christians to focus on their own faithfulness to Jesus' command to welcome strangers in their relationships with Muslims. Read more


Fred Phelps

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Organized religion that incites people to hatred, rather than inspiring them to true holiness of love, would be a good thing to give up for Lent, writes the Rev. William E. Alberts. Read more


John Wesley by Romney

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Scholar Joel L. Watts looks at John Wesley's high standards for holy conduct – and what Wesley did when his Methodists failed to live up to his standards. Read more


Bishop Devadhar

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Retired Bishop Walter Klaiber looks at the question of reform as part of The United Methodist Church's mission theology statement, "Grace Upon Grace." Read more


Dr. Ben Hartley examines The United Methodist Church's mission theology statement, "Grace Upon Grace," for insights into how United Methodists can be agents of reform in church and society today. Read more


John Wesley Preaching

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Election Angst Parallels the UMC

The Rev. Tim McClendon ponders: Can Methodism's heritage of fostering spiritual awakening save the United States as it once saved England? Read more

Nov 12, 2012 3:38 PM Tim McClendon

Children Wreath

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Longtime United Methodist leader Phil Susag looks to the church's younger generations to forge new links between personal spirituality and social holiness. Read more