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Social justice isn't heresy, it's God's will, says a new statement drafted by 35 Asian-American Christians whose stancs the Rev. Jeremy Smith finds consistent with Jesus' gospel. Read more

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Proponents of the "Traditional" Way Forward model argue that the UMC should forego social justice for "pure evangelism," while progressives see the two as inextricably linked yet they often don't follow through on the linkage. Read more

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The rally brought together a wide range of activists, including Jews and Christians, farmworkers and Appalachian poverty volunteers. Read more

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"Evangelical" Christianity and the new social category of "woketivism" are remarkably similar in their adherence to hard beliefs about humanity, but both can become toxic if they're ends in themselves, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more

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United Methodist students help lead a Lenten "gig" of public arts performances denouncing the ongoing violence and social injustice in the Philippines. Read more

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Far from being an antique address, the last Sunday sermon preached by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. still challenges Christian to choose good over evil. Read more



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The Methodist Federation for Social Action is seeking an executive to lead the organization's efforts to eliminate white supremacy in the church and in American society. Read more

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Discipleship Justice

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Whatever social justice issue we're supporting, the gospel requires our first identity and loyalty to be as Christians, writes pastor Nico Romeijn-Stout. Read more


Wichita Aldersgate

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Church member Deb Umberger tells why her congregation, Aldersgate United Methodist in Wichita, formed a new group to put the denomination's social principles into action. Read more

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Justice Seekers

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The Methodist Federation for Social Action invites United Methodists to share their stories about their activities on behalf on social justice during inauguration week, including the Women's March in Washington and other cities. Read more

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Frozen Portland

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In the aftermath of a major winter storm, the Rev. Jeremy Smith reflects on replacing a sense of isolation with one of camaraderie on a snow day – and in seeking justice. Read more

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The General Board of Church and Society organizes for 2017-2020 under a new theme, "Living Faith, Seeking Justice and Pursuing Peace." Read more

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Poor Invited to the Feast

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The Rev. William C. Trench asserts that a longtime truth deserves re-telling: If only churches would practice the compassion they preach, the pews would be full. Read more

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Dr. David W. Scott examines how United Methodism's many good works carry with them a danger of developing less-than-charitable distinctions between Americans and citizens of other countries. Read more

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Moyo Living

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Dr. David W. Scott reviews Moyoliving, a new tool from Upper Room for young people interested in connecting spirituality and social justice. Read more

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As the nation looks toward reducing its incarceration rate – the largest in the world – Dr. Benjamin L. Hartley examines The United Methodist Church's history with those imprisoned. Read more

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Bernie Sanders & BLM

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Surveying the furor over the Black Lives Matter movement, the Rev. Morgan Guyton identifies three ways that Christians can serve the cause of justice. Read more

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United Methodist Insight's success, far beyond original expectations, prompts changes to improve the forum for its readers' benefit. Read more

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Faced with cultural and church resistance to a fully rounded gospel message, the Rev. Dan R. Dick encourages United Methodists to remain committed to mission, evangelism and social justice as our Christian identity and purpose. Read more

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Seeking to help others through social justice is good, but it requires that "warriors" constantly check themselves for selfish motives and ego trips, writes the Rev. Morgan Guyton. Read more