Spiritual but not religious

Unlike "spiritual but not religious" perceptions, Christian spirituality is religious, and it's time for declining churches in the United States to reclaim its spiritual traditions, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more

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Spiritual formation in the American Protestant Church has declined because of five major factors, and recent efforts to revive are struggling against cultural trends, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more

Practicing Faith

Being "spiritual but not religious" isn't the same thing as being formed in ways that lead to union with God, writes Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more

Practicing Faith


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There's more to inviting people into the body of Christ than a welcome at the door, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt, and the "spiritual but not religious" are letting churches know what they are. Read more



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Americans who say they practice no religion are divided over whether faith's declining influence is good for America, writes Michael Lipka of the Pew Research Center. Read more

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A new online venture from United Methodist-related Emory University aims to foster public scholarship on spirituality, especially the rising segment of Americans who call themselves "spiritual but not religious." Read more

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What if The United Methodist Church gave up trying to control its membership growth through programs, and modeled its outreach on the story in Luke of Jesus sending 70 messengers to Samaria? asks the Rev. BethAnn Estock. Read more


Why We Should Learn from the "Nones"

The Rev. Rob Rynders finds that folks who identify themselves as "spiritual but not religious" have a lot of valuable feedback that churches should heed. Read more

Jan 17, 2013 11:12 AM Rob Rynders