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Serious about New Year's goals for improvement? The Rev. Jack Shitama offers two ways to translate good thoughts into effective habits. Read more

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Learning to see the sacred in the ordinary can be a key to "practicing the better" in life, writes the Rev. Dr. Steve Harper. Read more

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Givers and Takers

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To avoid being exploited (in church and outside it), givers must develop the ability to stand up for what they believe and what they need, counsels the Rev. Jack Shitama. Read more

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How your emotions affect you depends on which emotion you give more attention and energy, writes the Rev. Jack Shitama. Read more

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While secular media have focused on the clergyman who edited a book of devotionals sent to Hillary Clinton, the Rev. Jeremy Smith finds that 115 United Methodist clergywomen contributed to the collection. Read more

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Cultivating spiritual maturity takes many seasons of practice, yet too many Christians today expect instant results, writes the Rev. Jason Valendy. Read more

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Contrary to popular opinion, it isn't possible to achieve "a balanced life," counsels the Rev. Jack Shitama. Balance requires active engagement with each day's happenings. Read more

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All Flame

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As Pentecost approaches, a chance encounter with a story from the Desert Fathers challenges the Rev. Morgan Guyton to pursue greater spiritual transformation. Read more

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Digital Lent

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Digital devices are just like any other physical tool that accompanies religion – you have to learn how to use them to get the most benefit, writes Heidi A. Campbell of Texas A&M University. Read more

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Combining spiritual practices with everyday activities helps Christian leaders get the most out of their day, says the Rev. Jack Shitama. Read more

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3 Ways to Meditate

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Rev. Jack Shitama introduces three simple ways to connect with God every day that will relieve anxiety and replenish energy for daily life. Read more

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We need not go looking afar for our place of spiritual refuge through these tumultuous times, because it's right there within us, writes the Rev. Irvin J. Boudreaux. Read more

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Ignatius of Loyola

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If you really want to change your life in 2017, the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt recommends using two questions from a Jesuit prayer known as the Examen. Read more

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A young child's conversation with his father about good behavior offers insights for adults as well, writes the Rev. F. Richard Garland. Read more

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The Rev. Jim Burklo looks at new scientific reports that religion – especially those that incorporate mindfulness into their spiritual practices – offers benefits for physical health as well. Read more


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An alpine trail's instructions give the Rev. F. Richard Garland insights into how to live faithfully as a Christian. Read more

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Empty Church

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Spiritual formation in the American Protestant Church has declined because of five major factors, and recent efforts to revive are struggling against cultural trends, writes the Rev. Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more

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A runner for some 65 years -- yes, really, 65 years -- the Rev. Rich Peck has never had a "high" in sport or in faith, but he sees no reason to quit. Read more

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Cloud of Unknowing

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The anonymous 14th century mystical text "Cloud of Unknowing" holds spiritual wisdom for Christians even today, writes the Rev. Irvin J. Boudreaux. Read more

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Social Change

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After a month marked by death, loss, cries for social justice, and outrage at the death of both citizens and law enforcement officers, the Rev. Frederick W. Schmidt wonders how the gospel message of personal AND social holiness got divided. Read more

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