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As The United Methodist Church ponders its future amid a struggle over human sexuality, the Rev. Vance P. Ross reminds the denomination that it has an older struggle that is being ignored – with a potential for God-given transformation. Read more


The emphasis on collective change on both ends of the theological spectrum misses an essential truth of Jesus' teaching: true spiritual transformation begins and ends with the individual, writes Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt. Read more

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John Wesley's method known as the "class meeting" was designed to help Christians grow in spirit and in practice of their faith through questions and mutual support. Read more


The latest episode in the "Star Wars" saga leads the Rev. Morgan Guyton to his own spiritual transformation. Read more


All Flame

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As Pentecost approaches, a chance encounter with a story from the Desert Fathers challenges the Rev. Morgan Guyton to pursue greater spiritual transformation. Read more

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Mary and Gabriel

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An experience of spiritual transformation in a seminary class has stayed with the Rev. Dan R. Dick for 20 years. Read more

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Muddy Trail

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The Rev. Laurie Haller encourages the 2016 General Conference to move beyond the mud-slinging of a survival dance to embracing the messiness of a sacred dance. Read more

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Fire breathing

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Inspired by another blogger, the Rev. Jeremy Smith counsels we can make our world better by concentrating on what emotions we breathe out. Read more

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The Shadow of Lent

The Rev. F. Richard Garland finds that he doesn't like the reflective season of Lent – the 40 days of spiritual preparation before Easter – but he finds that he needs its spiritual disciplines nonetheless. Read more

Feb 19, 2015 5:11 PM F. Richard Garland

As the conflicts in The United Methodist Church roll on, the Rev. Drew B. McIntyre counsels applying the wisdom of a Christian spiritual classic favored by John Wesley. Read more


Family Praying

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The Rev. David MacDonald, a university chaplain in the East Ohio Annual Conference, compares the troubled state of the UMC to a married couple seeking guidance to repair their relationship. Read more



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Parish Nursing and the Ministry of Presence

A parish nurse practices a kind of "ministry of presence" that includes close attention to a patient's spiritual transformation as well as his or her bodily state, writes the Rev. Amy Yeary Holmes. Read more

Oct 18, 2013 4:16 PM The Pondering Prophet